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About FUND69

Who We Are & What We Do

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FUND69 Chair Jessica Dembo and Vice-Chair Laura Williams


Foundation Uniting Neighbors of District 69 (FUND69) was created in 2005 when a group of parents decided they wanted to contribute to the education of the children of District 69 by increasing funding that goes to teachers for their classrooms. Thus, FUND69 was born. Our mission is to bring the community together to support our children by helping them get the best education and life experiences possible.

FUND69's funding comes from businesses, organizations and individuals. Our funding is generated by organizing community fundraising events along with individual and corporate contributions. The funds are awarded in the form of mini-grants to teachers and staff for programs or supplies that will enhance or enrich the education of our children. Teachers submit a Grant Application which is reviewed by the Board to measure its value to and impact on the children and district.

FUND69 is committed to the educational enrichment of District 69 children. We would very much appreciate any contribution of time or money that you can make to our foundation. For more information, or to volunteer, please contact us.

Minutes from our board meetings are available online.


Directors & Officers

FUND69 has 9 officers who represent parents, teachers and the business community. There are 3 non-voting officers acting on the advisory basis representing District 69 Administration, School Board, and PTA.


Member Title
Jessica Dembo Chair
Laura Williams Vice-Chair
Joanne Marsden Treasurer
Renee Miller Secretary
Kim Sherwood Sergeant-at-Arms
Barb Poddig Community Member
Debbie Rizki Madison Teachers *
Emily Schmidt Edison Teacher *
Therese Block Lincoln Teacher *
Quintin Shepherd Admin Representative **
Maggie Nessim School Board **
Rotating Representative PTO **
*One Combined Vote / **Non Voting Member


How Does FUND69 Differ from the District 69 Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)?

We are lucky in District 69 to have a number of parent groups that support our schools. But, this can lead to confusion about who does what. Along with the school board, which determines how the tax money is spent, there are now three parent groups working to support our teachers and students in a variety of ways: Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), FUND69 and the Fine Arts Board (FAB, now part of the PTO).

  • FUND69 funds mini-grants given to teachers to enhance and enrich existing curriculum, impacting as many students as possible. FUND69 raises money through individual and corporate donations, and fundraising events such as Walk-a-thon, Spring Fling and restaurant nights.

  • PTO funds activities not specifically tied to the curriculum, such as field days, cultural arts, Lincoln Honors Night and others. PTO raies money through membership contributions, the sale of spirit wear, Scholastic Book Fairs and fundraising events such as the giftwrap sales and Market Day.


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