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The FUND69 Endowment

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FUND69 Endowment


Imagine a GREAT future for District 69 Kids!

The FUND69 Endowment is a community-funded endowment to support the long-term financial health of Skokie / Morton Grove School District 69. Run and supported by parents like you, its goal is to guarantee a rich educational experience for all our children.

We are asking families of students in the district to make small monthly donations towards the endowment while they have children in the district.

We are asking local businesses to contribute, too. Good schools are good business — they attract employers, help build a good workforce and strengthen the local economy. When your business succeeds, our schools thrive. We want to do all we can to promote your business to our 1,200 District 69 families.

The donations will be invested to generate a permanent, reliable source of revenue to enhance the classroom experience for District 69 children year after year. The endowment will be run and supervised by an independent board of local parents, assuring that the money goes to student programs.

To find out more, you can view our Frequently Asked Questions.

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