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Donate to the FUND69 Endowment

Donations on behalf of individuals or families

The diversity in our district means that no one level of giving will be right for everyone, so we ask you to choose an amount that is right for your family. For families, we are suggesting a monthly commitment between $10 and $100. Donations to the endowment are purely voluntary, of course, and you can change your commitment at any time if your personal circumstances change.


Option #1 (preferred): set up a monthly recurring donation using our online donation page

This is the most reliable and easiest method to facilitate, and First Bank & Trust (our Bank Partner) has generously made a donation to offset the transaction costs.

To use option #1, click here (it takes under 3 minutes)

Option #2: Schedule a recurring donation through your banks online bill-payment service

Use the following payee information to set up the payment with your bill-pay service (your service may only only require some of these values): 

Name FUND69 Endowment

First Bank & Trust - Skokie
8047 Skokie Blvd
Skokie, IL 60077-2920

Phone Number (847)674-8447
Bank Routing (ABA) number 071925538
Bank Account number 4074605
  • Your account number: enter your email address or 10-digit telephone number; we will use this to link your donation to you in our system


Option #3: We can also accept donations through paper checks

If you prefer to make one or more donations with paper checks, please follow these steps.

  1. If you plan to donate monthly, print out this handy reminder, suitable for posting on the 'fridge.

  2. Each time you make a donation, (a) make the check payable to "FUND69 Endowment", and (b) put your e-mail address on the memo line of your check, so we can send you a receipt and track of all your donations back to you.

  3. Drop off or mail your donations to our Banking Partner: 

ATTN: FUND69 Endowment
c/o First Bank & Trust - Skokie
8047 Skokie Blvd
Skokie, IL 60077-2920

Please note: if you contact us, we can provide you with pre-addressed mailing envelopes.

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