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Common Questions about the FUND69 Endowment

1. What is the FUND69 Endowment?

The FUND69 Endowment was founded to support the long-term financial health of Skokie School District 69. Local families, businesses and other members of the school community are pledging to donate a regular amount each month; for parents, monthly pledges range from $10 to $100 per month. Over time, as the endowment grows, the interest it generates will be used to fund programs that directly impact our students.    

2. Why does District 69 need an endowment?

The FUND69 Endowment provides reliable long-term support for our schools. It builds a strong financial foundation for the next generation of families, leaving the district in better financial shape than we found it. It changes the culture of how we support our schools, from one-time, event-driven fundraising to a regular commitment. By expanding our base of donors, it multiples the impact of each family's giving. 


3. I've heard about several different groups raising money for the district. What is the difference between FUND69 and the District 69 PTO?

FUND69 is a parent-run organization that provides funding for educational experiences that are not covered by the regular school budget. The group raises money through community fundraising events and corporate contributions, then awards mini-grants based on applications from teachers. The District 69 PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) supports special events and cultural programming at all three schools in the district. It also offers a number of ways for parents to volunteer and become part of their school community.


4. How will the money be used?

FUND69 will continue providing mini-grants, as they do today. Over the long term, the money generated by the endowment will be directed to the areas of greatest need at the direction of the parent volunteers on the FUND69 Endowment Committee. Because it is distributed by a parent organization, the money will be focused on areas of concern to parents.


5. I've heard our district has a lot of low-income families. Won't this take a lot of money to really work?

The key is to get families involved, no matter how much each family can donate. With a high level of participation, we can - together, as a community - accumulate a significant amount of money, even if half the donors pledge only $10 a month.

People are aware of the financial problems in our district, and they want to get involved.  The FUND69 Endowment gives everyone an easy way to invest in the quality of our local schools. 


6. How are the Endowment funds being managed?

Endowment funds are being held on deposit at First Bank & Trust in Skokie.  While funds accumulate, they are being held in a basic savings account tailed for not-for-profit organizations. When the balance reaches $100,000, the funds will be managed by the First Bank & Trust Trust Services Department. 


7. I'm interested, but I have more questions. How can I find out more?

Contact a member of the endowment committee directly at


8. How do I donate?

Get started at our donation page.


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