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Grants Given in Spring 2010

Grant Summary

In the Spring of 2010 FUND69 approved 25 grants totaling  $13,185.16. We are thrilled that we were able to grant over $13,000 to the staff of District 69 for projects to enhance the quality of education for the students. This was only possible because of the many people who supported FUND69 by attending our events, donating money and donating items for our raffle or auction.

Below is a list of the grants approved in the Spring of 2010.

Madison School

  • Lisa Halverson was granted $1075 for birthday books
  • Rhonda Cohen & Madison School were granted $684.11 for English Language Learning (ELL) kits to be used by individual teacher(s), not ELL teacher
  • Jennifer Robinson was granted $520 for Leveled readers to help add to existing classroom reading library, fiction and nonfiction
  • Amy Zamora was granted $440 for Leveled library materials for individual classroom
  • Eva Rafas was granted $248.03 for Picture frames (18) of assorted sizes for display of student artwork - "Hawk Hall of Fame"

Edison School

  • Joey Hailpern, Maggie Lutz & Jim O'Malley were granted $2000 for "Real Life Learning Project" - additional field trip experiences for targeted students at school to try to build background experience and knowledge
  • Brooke Halpin & Julie Anderson were granted $1899 for 30 SMART Student Response systems (to be added to school's current 4 sets)
  • Gerry Wattenbarger & Helen Zougras were granted $1038.43 for Lego DACTA Simple Machines Kits (6 complete sets)
  • Jim O'Malley was granted $719.2 for "Science Literacy Centers" - focus on science/non-fiction vocaulbary
  • Elizabeth Hoff/4th grade was granted $645.56 for Supplemental materials/kits for grade-level math curriculum games, manipulatives, word-problem solving books
  • Katie Carraway was granted $500 for "Landforms & Ecosystems" photo book series
  • Ashley Russow was granted $445.45 for Supplemental materials for grade-level Social Studies curriculum maindly targeting Tier 2 and tier 3 students
  • Stephanie Crane was granted $440.5 for Additional books to supplement current materials for grade-level Social Studies/Literacy unit on biographies of historical figures
  • Jenny Kline & Katie Carraway were granted $400 for Books (7 titles), vests (~20), stickers, and trash collector sticks for use by student Green Team members
  • Kristy Morrow was granted $388.59 for Simple Machines Discovery Sets (4) plus 4 book sets
  • Julie Hennelly & Gerry Wattenbarger were granted $310 for Additional seating for youth garden at school, Green Thumbs Club
  • Alison Frank was granted $183.6 for "Readers' Theater" scripts to increase student fluency, 8 kits
  • Gerry Wattenbarger was granted $99 for CD-ROM Science Activities for use with SMART Boards, complete series
  • Catherine Armstrong & Emily Schmidt were granted $656.09 for Project M3 (Mentoring Mathematical Minds) materials to supplement curriculum (Edison &¬†Madison)

Lincoln Junior High

  • Janelle Tregoning was granted $492.6 for Geography kits (30) to supplement geography skills unit

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