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FUND69 Donates Over $3000 Towards PTO Memorial Fund for Carter Vo's family

A heartfelt thank you to the many, many people who came out to our Village Inn fundraiser, or who made a donation via FUND69's PayPal account, to raise funds for a memorial to Carter Vo. Because of your generosity, FUND69 will be able to donate over $3,000 to the PTO's Memorial Fund for Carter Vo's family.

The Vo family recently distributed this note to families and friends of School District 69, and the Skokie community:

Dear Families and Friends of School District 69, as well as the community of Skokie,
We would like to say thank you to all of you who have been there for us during the loss of our son Carter Vo. Whether its words of encouragement, condolences, flowers, and generous donations, you've gave us such comfort during this whole ordeal. May God continue to bless and watch over each and everyone of you, especially our children.

On that Monday, we as Carters parents, did not get a chance to kiss, hug, and tell our son how much we loved him. He ran out the door for the school bus without saying goodbye. Goodbye can be such an awful word to use towards the ones you love. We would rather like to say," see you later"....

Sometimes as working parents we can be so busy with every day life it seems as if there are not enough time. We should all make time for the ones we love every chance we get. Lets put down our cell phones, turn of the  television, set aside work for awhile, and spend some quality time with our wonderful children, for we may never get those precious times back.

Thank you so much to all of you. Please continue to keep Carter and us in your prayers as we will keep you in ours.
           Vo family


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